Google GDrive Is Coming (Sort of)

(Update 1/12 9:38am - Added Google official announcement blog post from Google BlogGoogle Docs Blog and Google Enterprise Blog.  One more detail: The 1 GB storage limit only count those files that can't be convert to Google Docs formats.  That means you can upload as many word documents, spreadsheets and presentations as you want as before.)

According to Michael Arrington from TechCrunch, Google will release GDrive (Google Drive) in the coming weeks.  However, it will not be called GDrive or Google Drive, instead, it will be integrated in Google Docs.

Quotes from the blog post from TechCrunch:
... you can soon upload any file type at all to Google Docs, not just the dozen or so Office formats that the service allowed as of yesterday. Video files. Images. Audio Files. Even Zip files. As long as those files are 250 MB or smaller, you’re good.
Regular users have 1 GB of free storage and can purchase more for $0.25/GB. Enterprise customer pay higher prices, starting at $17/year for 5 GB. There are no bandwidth charges.
Three partners have been working with Google to build value add features on top of the new product. The most interesting, Memeo Connect (from Memeo), lets users sync files between the desktop and Google Docs.
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