New Toy - Nexus One

I got a new toy - Nexus One.  (Any good app I should try?)


After undated the Firmware to Android 2.1-update1, I got Pinch-to-zoom, Google Goggles and a updated Google Maps.  Some cool videos about Nexus One below.

Google Goggles - Search With Pictures Instead Of Text

Google Goggles is an application for Android phone that search the web with picture instead of using text.  Below are some examples from their site:
Search Landmark - Golden Gate Gridge
Enter Contact 
Search for Places - "The Diner", "Scarpetta" and "Comix Comedy Club"

They just added a new feature: Translate text in picture.  It's currently in beta testing for German-to-English translations only.  Check out the video in the blog: Integrating translation into Google Goggles.

1. Take a picture of the German menu
2. Menu Translated