Google April Fool Joke - 2008

You want to be one of the pioneers to go to Mars and set up colony? And you are not alone, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google co-founder) will be with you. If you are interested, you could submit your application here. The video below is a brief summary of the project presented by Larry, Sergey and Richard.

For more information, you could visit the official web site:

PS. If your application score wasn't high enough, you could submit a video to impress the reviewer.

PPS. There is a "new" feature in Gmail call: Gmail Custom Time. What it does? I could let you to change the time an email is sent. Pretty cool feature to hand in a late assignment.

Happy April Fool.

Google Docs offline

It's a popular request from people that want to access/edit their Google Docs even they are offline. Just like having the file in the hard drive and modify. Now it's possible with the help of Google Gears. Google just announces it rolling the new functionality to everyone. Here is a video from Google to demonstrate Google Docs offline.

Right now, it only works on word processing documents, (no spreadsheets or presentations support yet.) but I think it's just a matter of time that it will be available on spreadsheets and presentations.

Update: Google Docs offline works for my account now. 4/22/2008

Election Map from Google

This year is the US Election Year. Google created this Map gadget to trace each Primary result. You could change the map by choosing different states or parties. Try it out.

Google Calendar sync with Microsoft Outlook

This past week, Google released a new software to sync the Google calendar with Microsoft Outlook. I've been waiting for this to come for a while since I am using Google calendar extensively. And the Dell Axim X30's calendar could only sync with Outlook calendar.

As you can see in the above screenshot, it supports both 1-way and 2-way sync. You could also adjust how often will it sync your calendar. However, after using the program for a while. I don't see I will use it at this moment. That's because:
  1. It could only sync your primary Google calendar with your default Outlook calendar
  2. I stop using the calendar in Outlook for a while.
    (Now I'm using the free Mozilla Thunderbird mail client with Lightning calendar add-on - the same company that creates Firefox)
Maybe I will wait for the next version that has more appealing features.

PS. Speaking of Thunderbird and Lightning, actually there is an add-on (add-on of add-on) called "Provider for Google Calendar". It "Allows bidirectional access to Google Calendar." Also, it could sync more than one calendar in Google calendar. You might want to check that out too.

PPS. Anyone know is that possible to sync the calendar in Windows Mobile 2003 with Lightning?

Huge "interactive" gmail

Gmail Russia team recently post a video mimicking how to use gmail. It's in Russian but you don't need to know Russian to understand the video (well, the one I embedded here has English subtitles). It tells you in gmail you could search gmail, star an email, use gchat. and use it in mobile phoone. It's interesting what will the next product they will "recreate" next time.


Create aliases for your gmail address

From The Official Gmail blog, there are two ways for you to "create" more gmail addresses by using your own gmail account.
  • Append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address. For example, if your name was, you could send mail to or
  • Insert one or several dots (".") anywhere in your email address. Gmail doesn't recognize periods as characters in addresses -- we just ignore them. For example, you could tell people your address was, or (We understand that there has been some confusion about this in the past, but to settle it once and for all, you can indeed receive mail at all the variations with dots.)
Also you could combine those two "techniques" to create something like Using this and gmail filter, you could give out "different" gmail addresses to different people/groups/mailing lists and filter them to different lable in your gmail.