Google Calendar sync with Microsoft Outlook

This past week, Google released a new software to sync the Google calendar with Microsoft Outlook. I've been waiting for this to come for a while since I am using Google calendar extensively. And the Dell Axim X30's calendar could only sync with Outlook calendar.

As you can see in the above screenshot, it supports both 1-way and 2-way sync. You could also adjust how often will it sync your calendar. However, after using the program for a while. I don't see I will use it at this moment. That's because:
  1. It could only sync your primary Google calendar with your default Outlook calendar
  2. I stop using the calendar in Outlook for a while.
    (Now I'm using the free Mozilla Thunderbird mail client with Lightning calendar add-on - the same company that creates Firefox)
Maybe I will wait for the next version that has more appealing features.

PS. Speaking of Thunderbird and Lightning, actually there is an add-on (add-on of add-on) called "Provider for Google Calendar". It "Allows bidirectional access to Google Calendar." Also, it could sync more than one calendar in Google calendar. You might want to check that out too.

PPS. Anyone know is that possible to sync the calendar in Windows Mobile 2003 with Lightning?
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