Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0

(Updated 2009.10.28-12:53 PDT - Added video for each feature)
(Updated2 2009.10.29-12:47 PDT - Garmin and TomTom's stock drop 12.3% and  23.4%, respectively, yesterday.)

Google releases "Google Maps Navigation" in its blog.  Navigation is a free, internet conneted GPS system provided by Google. It requires
  1. Google's newest Android 2.0 mobile operating system (Current only Droid from Verizon uses it)
  2. mobile internet connection
The service currently only limited to United States.  And from the blog post, it listed 7 features unique to Navigation:
  1. The most recent map and business data
  2. Search in plain English (video)
  3. Search by voice (video)
  4. Traffic view (video)
  5. Search along route (video)
  6. Satellite view (video)
  7. Street View (video)
Also, they have a car dock mode(video).  Below is a video and some screenshots about the service.


If you don't see the vidoe above, use this link.




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