T-Mobile Upgrades Its 3G Network to HSPA 7.2

T-Mobile 3G users will enjoy the fastest 3G network in US.   According to this post from AndroidandMe, T-Mobile users in New York, NY and Chicago, IL start to have the new speed of 3.8Mb/s and 5.4Mb/s, respectively.  If you don't know much about the speed(Mb/s), that's faster than the internet connection I got from charter cable internet(advertised speed 5Mb/s but I normally get around 3.2Mb/s), which cost $29.99 per month.

New York, NY

Chicago, IL

For those T-Mobile users doesn't get this speed yet, your wait won't be long.  The other post from AndroidandMe reports T-Mobile is on track to finish the deployment of HSPA 7.2 in US by the end of 2009.  What's more?  They are going to deploy HSPA+ in 2010, which has a speed of 21Mb/s (more than 4 times what I get from home. sigh... )

If T-Mobile's Android phone can upgrade to Android 2.0 OS (Should be able to next year 2010), this speed and the Google Maps Navigation will be a big plus for T-Mobile.
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