I Can't Turn On my NSLU2

Today, I couldn't connect to my NSLU2 at home.  After I came back home and found that my device was off and couldn't turn it back on.  When I click on power button, the power button blinked once.  Oh no, did my NSLU2 hardware fail?????

What would I do?  Of course, I will Google it and the 9th result solves my problem.

It turns out the power adapter (DC Output: 5.0VDC 2.0A) is faulty.  And lucky I could find a (5V 2.4A) adapter to replace it.  (I'm not good at electricity stuff.  Hope the extra 0.4A wouldn't do any thing bad to my NSLU2).

Good that I only spend 2 hours to make it works again since it's my little home server.