What You Can Do With Google Maps

Brian Ussery wrote a blog in Google Blogoscoped to list some recent released features in Google Maps.

Here is the list of features mentioned from the blog:
“Get directions” with Google Maps Street View
“Get directions" for Public Transportation in Google Maps
Find Future Traffic Conditions with Google Maps
More “Photos” in Google Maps
More “Wikipedia” Map Results
Google Maps Video
Google Maps Edits

Among those features, I like and use the traffic information from Google Maps the most. There are two parts of it.
  1. Live Traffic
    It has both traffic speed on freeway, road construction and accident around the area.
    The data is updated more frequently than the data in my in-car GPS unit.
  2. Traffic condition at "any time of a week"
    It shows you the normal traffic condition any time of a week. It handy for traveler to check out the traffic condition of a place to avoid being stuck in traffic. (You might want to check out how bad it is to drive in LA Thursday 5:00pm. Click on "change" next to "live traffic" and change the day and time to see the traffic.)
If Google Maps keeps improving, I think all we need is an IPhone or an Google Android phone (Demo: video1 video2). (An of course a 3G connection)
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