Google Docs Supports PDF upload

Photo from Google Docs Blog

Now you can upload pdf file to Google Docs. I think it's good that you don't even need to install pdf reader to read a pdf file/attachment. (BTW, I recommend Foxit PDF reader, which is small and fast compare to the one from Adobe) However, there are two drawbacks that I know of:
  1. Although you can search the content of the pdf in the pdf view, you can't do the search in the Google Docs panel(Here) .
  2. In order to display the pdf without a pdf reader, Google convert the pdf file to an image file(PNG format). For most documents, that's sufficient. However, in my 3-column-all-font-10.5-Chinese test pdf file. All Chinese characters too blurry, not even one character could be read. Interestingly, I could still highlight the file and copy the text out of it.

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