Get Firefox 3 And Set A Guinness World Record

Firefox 3 is out. Download it here. You could help to set a Guinness World Record if you download it within 24 hours from June 17, 2008 10am PDT. That means it will end @ June 18, 2008 10am PDT. Or you could use this to check the end time at your location.

Update 1:24pm: (which develops Firefox) releases some statistics about the download rate FF3. link1 and link2 web traffic is pushing well over 2 Gigabits a second of just pure HTTP traffic. That is in addition to the 13 Gigabits a second or so of download traffic. We are still at around 14,000 download/minute and is responding well! Go Mozilla community and IT team! (emphasis mine)
Update 12:17am: Just found out a site that report the number of downloads for Firefox 3 here. As of now, there are total of 4,802,223 copies downloaded.

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