Google Earth 4.3

Google released a new version of Google Earth (version 4.3) yesterday. I'm amused by how much improvements and new features they introduce in this version. Before I talk about the features, here is the link you could download the software:
  1. It improved the control.
    On the upper right corner, there are 3 controls (Look, move and zoom) instead of 2 in the previous version (Move and zoom).
  2. It improved the loading time of the 3D buildings. Also, when you click on the building, it will show you more information about it.
  3. If you used Google Maps before, you must know what "Street View" is. They are in Google Earth now. Moreover, it works a lot smoother in Google Earth than Google Maps.
  4. It introduced the "Sunlight" mode that it shows where the Sun is at a given time (Look at the slider on the top). And it will create the corresponding shadow on the 3D buildings and mountains. If you zoom all the way out and see the whole globe plus the "weather layer" on the left, you will have a great picture.
    Before After

You could see features "in action" in the following two videos:
  1. A demo of new features from Google Earth Blog (it's'not an official Google blog):

  2. 2. A tour from Google Earth site:

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