Some Principles About Software Testing

I was reading Google Testing Blog and find some good testing ideas to share.  The two part blog series focuses on AJAX application.  However, those principles could be applied to more general software testing.

While there are many different classifications of tests, the most common way of classifying them is based on their size and the areas of a product they test. Each test answers specific questions about the product:
  • Unit test: is the method fulfilling its contract?
  • Small integration test: Can two classes interact with each other?
  • Medium integration test: Is a class interacting properly with all its dependencies? Does it anticipate and handle errors correctly? Are the needed functions exposed on an API/GUI?
  • Sub-system test: Can two sub-systems interact with each other? Does one of them anticipate all errors of the other and does it deal with them appropriately?
  • System test: Does the entire system behave as expected?
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