Picasa New Feature - Face Movies

Google Picasa releases a new version - 3.8 yesterday.  New features include:
  1. Picnik integration
  2. Batch upload from Picasa to Picasa Web Albums
  3. Metadata updates
  4. Face Movie
The most interesting feature is "Face Movie."  Quote from their blog.
Face movies create a movie based around one person both figuratively and literally. Instead of the usual transition from one photo to the next, the images align themselves to the face in the photo. This creates an extremely smooth viewing experience which allows the person in the photos to remain the focus rather than the transition effects themselves. 
Here is a video I made up in 5 min. (http://youtu.be/UxW6MaXoBfk)

This feature will be good for telling someone's life for a baby or in a wedding.

Here is the video created by Google to introduce this feature.  (http://youtu.be/fLQtssJDMMc)
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